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Presidential prenatal center of Ministry of Health of the Chuvash Republic is a leading institution of public health in the Republic which provides both women from the pregnancy planning stage  to the birth  and new born children with specialized as well as highly technological service.

Currently there are 304 hospital beds in the center.  Annually inpatient treatment   receive more than 7000 women and over 1300 new born children.

During 18 years of functioning  the Center assisted with 46000 childbirths, mostly women from high risk group and with severe extra genital  pathology, over 20 000 children got treatment including 396 children with extremely low body weight at birth.

In the Reanimation and Intensive care unit for new born children (RICU) annually get treatment more than 600 new born children, 65%  of which are premature patients.

In the gynecological departments annually are performed about 1000 abdominal surgeries, 85% of which are performed laparoscopically.

 In 2018 under the programs  IVF and Embryo Transfer were treated over 900 married couples. In all the years of functioning of the Center over 3000 children were born after IVF.

Consultative and diagnostic department provides women with expert help both during pregnancy period and before or after in order to prepare to pregnancy  and  early diagnostics  of  complication during pregnancy of women from high risk group from all areas  of the Chuvash Republic. Preventive measures are conducted in the department of reproductive health to diagnose  diseases of reproductive health  of young  men and women in the early stage. Also  psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance is provided  to solve conflicts  and difficult life situations.

In  the Prenatal center is established  Center of urgent advisory and diagnostic  assistance in obstetrics and neonatology  with mobile  intensive care neonatal  groups with the help of which  is conducted 24/7 monitoring of women’s  and new born children’s health   who are being treated  in hospitals  of the Republic. For  fast transportation of pregnant women and new born children form areas of the Republic is established a mobile intensive care team.

High qualification of medical staff of the Center, advanced prenatal technologies, state-of-the-art medical diagnostic equipment, and efficient cooperation of all structural departments during 18 years of functioning of the Center allowed to improve indicators of maternity and childhood service.